How To Insulate Suspended Ceilings

You’re planning to install a new suspended ceiling. Don’t forget the insulation.

You wouldn’t leave the pipes unlagged or the loft uninsulated, would you? Well, the same should apply to your suspended ceiling. Even without additional insulation (and depending on the type of suspended ceiling tiles you choose), a suspended ceiling can make rooms warmer, easier and cheaper to heat, and acoustically more appealing. That’s because even the act of lowering a high ceiling and adding a gypsum-based suspended ceiling can have a naturally insulating, sound dampening effect.

But for real insulation benefits (that frequently come with acoustic dampening or fire retardant properties too) you’ll need to add additional insulation. Fortunately, you’ll find it’s light, cheap and incredibly simple to install.

Suspended ceiling insulation pads

For our money, by far the simplest form insulation to install above your suspended ceiling is the insulation pad. Each pad is a self-contained pillow of rock or mineral fibre encased in polythene.

To install, simply place a pad on each tile. The low weight of each insulation pack won’t damage the tile, but it will dramatically increase its insulation and acoustic dampening properties.

To realise maximum effect, you’ll need to ensure the entire suspended ceiling is covered, without gaps. That’s most easily achieved by lifting a ceiling tile, filling in the area around it, then replacing the tile, moving a few feet along the ceiling, and repeating.

And because each pad is enclosed, there are no irritating fibres to contend with.

Suspended ceiling insulation roll

Given the additional thickness of thermal ceiling roll compared with some insulation pads, it’s not surprising that you can reduce heat loss even more effectively with ceiling insulation roll.

To fit, the principle is exactly the same as with a regular loft, although here you’ll need to remove a series of ceiling tiles at regular intervals along a straight line, then progress from one to the next, ensuring the roll is laid straight, abutting the prior roll.

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