146mm Jumbo C Stud 3.6m Length

146mm Jumbo C Stud 3.6m LengthProduct Code: JI-110146mm Jumbo Metal C Studs are the largest for..

£9.96 + VAT

148mm Jumbo U Track 3m Length

148mm Jumbo U Track 3m LengthProduct Code: JI-114148mm U Tracks are used with 146mm C Studs to ..

£5.08 + VAT

50mm C Stud 3.6m Length

50mm C Stud 3.6m LengthProduct Code: JI-10750mm metal partition walls are constructed usin..

£4.70 + VAT

50mm Metal Stud Partition Kit - 3m Height

50mm Metal Stud Partition KitProduct Code: JI-234Stock Status: In StockThis 50mm stud kit ..

£11.50 + VAT

52mm U Track 3m Length

52mm U Track 3m LengthProduct Code: JI-11152mm U Track is the floor and ceiling channel used to..

£3.42 + VAT

70mm C Stud 3.6m Length

 1 Review

70mm C Stud 3.6m LengthProduct Code: JI-108Stock Status: In Stock72mm Metal U Tracks are t..

£5.75 + VAT

72mm U Track 3m Length

72mm U Track 3m LengthProduct Code: JI-112Stock Status: In Stock72mm Metal U Tracks are th..

£4.50 + VAT

92mm C Stud 3.6m Length

92mm C Stud 3.6m LengthProduct Code: JI-113The 92mm Metal C Studs are used to create a 92mm met..

£6.50 + VAT

92mm Metal Stud Partition Kit - 3.6m Height

92mm Metal Stud Partition KitProduct Code: JI-235Stock Status: In StockThe 92mm stud and t..

£15.50 + VAT

94mm U Track 3m Length

94mm U Track 3m LengthProduct Code: JI-113The 94mm U Track, also known as floor track, is used ..

£4.88 + VAT

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