Plasterboards come in many different sizes, types and finishes. Here at Judge Interiors, we can offer you a complete range of plaster boards for your interior project.

Our range includes standard wallboards, fireline boards, moisture boards and acoustic boards.

For all your plasterboard and wallboard needs, whether it be plasterboard for your walls or ceiling, shop online today at

12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard Sheet

12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard SheetProduct Code: JI-12012.5mm acoustic plasterboards, also known..

£17.30 + VAT

12.5mm Fireline Plasterboard Sheet

12.5mm Fireline Plasterboard SheetProduct Code: JI-11712.5mm FireLine plasterboards are designe..

£14.45 + VAT

12.5mm Moisture Resistant Plasterboard Sheet

12.5mm Moisture Resistant Plasterboard SheetProduct Code: JI-12112.5mm Moisture Resistant plast..

£17.85 + VAT

12.5mm Standard Wallboard Sheet

12.5mm Standard Wallboard SheetProduct Code: JI-11512.5mm Wallboard plasterboard comes in a 240..

£9.80 + VAT

15mm Acoustic Plasterboard Sheet

15mm Acoustic Plasterboard SheetProduct Code: JI-11915mm acoustic plasterboards, also known as ..

£20.50 + VAT

15mm Fireline Plasterboard Sheet

15mm Fireline Plasterboard SheetProduct Code: JI-11815mm FireLine plasterboards are designed to..

£18.65 + VAT

15mm Moisture Resistant Plasterboard Sheet

15mm Moisture Resistant Plasterboard SheetProduct Code: JI-12215mm Moisture Resistant plasterbo..

£25.70 + VAT

15mm Standard Wallboard Sheet

15mm Standard Wallboard SheetProduct Code: JI-11615mm Wallboard plasterboard comes in a 2400mm ..

£12.90 + VAT

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