About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are Judge Interiors, a family run company based just outside of Blackpool and part of the Judge Ceilings & Interiors Group. You may have heard of, or visited our most popular online company Judge-Ceilings.co.uk, which was the first of our group of websites. The Judge name and brand comes from the family name of Michael and Valerie Judge, who started Judge Ceilings back in 1974 in Birmingham and ran the company up until late 2015, where they happily retired and sold the business to James Finnegan, who remains as owner today.

Michael and Valerie Judge had created a strong brand with Judge Ceilings, as over the years, many companies and tradesman came to love and trust the service that they gave, due to Val's amazing customer support, and Mike's expert knowledge. It really was a large task to fill the shoes of such hard working, loved and nice people, that the Judge's were.

From the takeover in 2015, the Finnegan's worked hard to continue on the legacy that Mike and Val had created, and as part of this, a large online expansion was born. The preexisting Judge Ceilings website underwent a redesign, as well as many more products being added, to ensure that Judge was a one stop shop for customers. Along side this, the new branding of the Judge Ceilings & Interiors Group was created, with the below new websites, that were to specialise in their own specific product categories :-

  • - Judge-Interios.co.uk
  • - MF-Ceilings.co.uk
  • - InsulationPads.co.uk
  • - CeilingGrids.co.uk

These websites would help service the national customer base in a fast, simple and reliable way, that helped both the company and its audiences.

What We Do

We specialise in the nationwide supply of interior building products at a cost effective price, with great delivery terms. Due to the history of the business, we have a vast supply chain, allowing us to source products at the most competitive of prices, with fast lead times to suit any project. Some of the most popular products within our range are :-

We have thousands of products within our company range, and we are not just limited by what you see online, so please do give us a call on 01253 864902, if there are any specific products you are looking for and one of expert team members will assist you.

Why Use Judge

We are a dedicated family run business that strives to be the best in what we do. We work hard to ensure that all our customer receive the best possible service, but with the best price tags attached. It is no hidden secret that many building companies and contractors get overcharged regularly from their existing suppliers, as supplying companies become complacent with the customer account and loyalty. Here at Judge we work different. We put your best price forward each and every time, as we value your customer, and work on the customer retention principle. 

We can only grow as a company, if we attract new customers, whilst maintaining our existing.